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Management of Lebanon Heart Hospital

From December 2017, LEAD Healthcare Consultancy has been taking charge of managing Lebanon Heart Hospital. LEAD has set a new strategy for the hospital and has started to implement a quality management system based on the Lebanese Accreditation Standards. Improvements are being documented daily and the vision towards becoming the center of attraction for all […]

Management and Quality Consultancy for Optimum Health Physical Therapy, NYC – USA

LEAD’s team of consultants had developed a quality management system – QMS platform for ‘Optimum Health Physical Therapy Center’ in Brooklyn, New York City – USA. The 2 weeks’ intervention included assessment of the center’s daily operations, data collection and analysis, staff orientation, policies and procedures writing, strategy setting, and training implementation.

Need Assessments of Healthcare Centers – Municipality of Tripoli

LEAD had cooperated with the local authority – Municipality of Tripoli through their entitled project: “Improvement of Development Process and Local Governance in the Municipality of Tripoli”, funded by the European Union, by accomplishing the assessment and its subsequent tasks of different healthcare centers located in the most vulnerable communities of “JABAL MOHSEN”, “TABBANEH” and […]